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Our activities

Axéria Prévoyance acts on the whole Insurance Value Chain:

Risk carrying, Design, Pricing, Administration and technical follow-up of policies.

Another specificity is that the company has the ability to control the delegation of key activities in order to adapt business opportunities to the market new usages.

We offer a variety of solid partnership arrangements, whether you are:

a wholesaler broker or a distribution platform

Axéria Prévoyance plays a role in the co-design of the insurance products, thanks to our technical ability and knowledge of the market, and advises on optimisation of the commission model.

management delegate or service provider

Axéria Prévoyance combines risk control with a range of services, responding to clients’ new usages.

risk carrier

Axéria Prévoyance proposes solutions to expand your range and secure the loyalty of your members and policyholders.

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Frederick François

Marketing and partnerships Manager

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