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We are indeed convinced that political, economic and environmental factors are putting a great pressure on public and private social protection models to an extent that is hard for them to adapt.

Social protection is also influenced by globalisation. Our international experience allows us to answer the phenomena and anticipate individuals and corporates’ financial protection needs.

credit protection insurance

Axéria Prévoyance engaged the individual loan insurance market 15 years ago. Since its historic risk carrying position for the APRIL Group, Axéria managed to export its know-how in France and in Europe.

International Health

Initially dedicated to the Expatriates market more than 10 years ago, Axéria Prévoyance has adapted to the international health issues. They put forward new challenges to answer in order to care for individuals who live home, in their place of expatriation whether temporarily or endlessly: cost control, healthcare networks, and alternative care.

Individual health and protection

We cover individuals in case of work accident, occupational disease, disability and protect their families in case of death. Old age health is also an important market where Axéria Prévoyance is engaging its expertise.

Group health and protection

Since January 1st 2016, every French incorporation has the obligation to propose a complimentary health insurance to their staff members. Axéria Prévoyance offers an array of modular health benefits: core cover subscribed by employers, individual add-ons and also extensions for beneficiaries. The health covers are also adapted to the different French National Collective Agreements (where an economic sector provides its guidance for all incorporations pertaining to them).

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