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I – What is a cookie?
A cookie is a small text file which can be placed on the User’s device through the browser software when he views a website or an application. The term cookie is understood here in the widest sense and covers all of the trackers deposited and/or read while you view the website, regardless of the type of device used (computer, smartphone, tablet, etc.).

A cookie allows its issuer to identify the device on which it is stored throughout the duration of validity or storage of the cookie.Cookies are managed by the web browser and only the issuer of a cookie is able to read or modify the information which is contained there.

There are different types of cookies with various functions:
Certain cookies are essential for use of the site, while others allow optimisation and personalisation of the contents displayed, or the compilation of statistics or the presentation of advertisements tailored to the User’s areas of interest.

Some cookies are deposited by third parties, while others are deposited by the site.
Some cookies are session cookies which disappear as soon as the User leaves the site and others are permanent cookies which remain on the device until they expire or until the User deletes them using his browser features.

II – Cookies used on site

Analytical cookies
Axeria Prévoyance uses different tools designed to measure visits to the site.These tools allow statistics to be drawn up, as well as the measurement of visiting figures and usage of the various elements making up the site, among other uses.

Application Cookie Name Cookie Purpose
Google Analytics __utma This cookie is used to identify unique visitors to the site. It is updated after every page view.
Google Analytics __utmb

This cookie is used to track the user’s visit to the site. This cookie expires if the user is inactive on the site for more than 30 minutes. The use of this cookie coupled with the “__utmc” cookie enables the tracking of visits (sessions) on a given site.

Google Analytics __utmc This cookie works with the “__utmb” cookie to determine whether or not there are any new visits by the current unique visitor.
Google Analytics __utmz This cookie stores all the information required to identify a traffic source. In this cookie the following information is stored: traffic source, the medium of this traffic source, the keyword entered if the user comes to the site via a search engine etc.
Google Analytics __utmv Visitor segmentation
Google Analytics _ga This cookie stores an identifier to mark visitors in Google Analytics. It allows to count once a user who would come to the site several times over the same period of time.
Google Analytics / Google Tag Manager _gid This cookie is associated with Google Universal Analytics. It stores and updates a unique value for each page visited.
WordPress “Tarte au citron”

This cookie stores when the user closes the cookie banner. It memorizes the choices related to the user’s consent on the use of cookies on the site.

What is the reason for the storage of cookies?

The storage of a cookie in the User’s device is largely subject to the will of the User, who can express and modify this at any time free of charge via the choices offered to him by his browser, as described below.

In the event that the User has consented in his browser software to the storage of cookies on his device, the cookies contained in the pages and contents of the site that he has consulted may be stored temporarily in a dedicated space on his device.They shall be readable there by their issuer only.

In the event that the User refuses the storage of all cookies on his device or he deletes those which are stored there, he will be unable to use the site normally and in particular will not be able to use certain functionalities of the site, due to the absence of the cookies required for operation of the site.

In the event that the User only refuses the storage of third-party cookies on his device or he deletes those which are stored there, he will be able to use the site normally, as these third-party cookies have no effect on the operation of the site.

Axeria Prévoyance accepts no responsibility for consequences linked to the downgraded operation of the services of the site resulting from it being impossible to store or consult the cookies necessary for their operation, the User having refused or deleted them.

By configuring his browser software, the User may choose at any time to express and modify his preferences regarding cookies by the means described below.

The User can control cookies via his browser settings.While most browsers have default settings and accept the installation of cookies, the User is able, if he so wishes, to choose to accept all cookies or to routinely reject them or even to choose those that he accepts on the basis of the issuer.The User can also configure his browser to accept or refuse cookies prior to their installation on a case by case basis.The User can also regularly delete cookies from his device via his browser.

The configuration of each browser is different for management of cookies and the User’s choices.It is described in the browser’s help menu, which allows the User to know how to modify his preferences regarding cookies.The User can find information for the main browsers via the below links:

Internet Explorer™ :

Safari™ :

Chrome™ :

Firefox™ :

Opera™ :

The CNIL (French Data Protection Authority) offers cookie management software as a free download on its website: visit to find out more.

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