Any insurance company has to process its own complaints policy. It ensures you a quick and fair treatment of your claim. This compulsory legal act is a proof of security for you and also of service quality for our company. The below explained procedure is compliant with the current legal rules, the Autorité de Contrôle Prudentiel et de Résolution (ACPR – the French insurance supervisor) recommendations and the European directives.

Where to address my complaint?

To be efficient and prompt, your request must be addressed to your usual contact person, which is :
– your broker, who offered you to subscribe to an insurance policy
– the insurance policy’s administrator

Indeed, Axéria Prévoyance delegates the administration of its policies to third parties who are in charge of treating complaints on behalf of this insurance company. Axéria Prévoyance may eventually treat an insured person’s specific complaint. In case Axéria Prévoyance would not be qualified to handle his request, it will be transferred within the same day to the regarded administrator.

How do I send my complaint to Axéria Prévoyance?

– By phone: +33(0)4 72 36 17 94
– By post mail: Axéria Prévoyance 90, avenue Félix Faure – 69439 Lyon cedex 03
– By email: via our website – through the Contact form you will find in « Contact us »
For complaints related to policies you have subscribed on Axéria Prévoyance’s website, you may use the European Online Dispute Resolution platform. It has been set by the European Commission in order to steer the digital consumer to the qualified national mediator. It is accessible on Any complaint you register in this platform will be transferred to the French Insurance Mediator.

How will my complaint be processed?

The objective is to provide you an answer within 10 working days. In case it will take more time, you will receive an update of you complaint within these 10 days. In any case, the process will not take more than 2 months.

What should I do in case I am not satisfied with your answer?

In case you would not agree with the resolution, you can contact Axéria Prévoyance’s dispute resolution service who will run another assessment of your request, within the above mentioned delay.

You may write to:
Axéria Prévoyance – Cellule Réclamations
90, avenue Félix Faure – 69439 Lyon cedex 03

What would happen next if the complaint was still not resolved?

In case there is still no agreement, you may solicit the French Insurance Mediation:

– By post mail
La Médiation de l’Assurance
TSA 50110
75441 PARIS Cedex 09

– Or via Internet, on the Insurance Mediator’s website:
by clicking on “je saisis le médiateur” (I request the mediator)

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